Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Update

Again, I'll go with the random update because I don't have anything structured to discuss:

  • I was very pleased that Memphis lost to Tennessee. It was a good game...I'll give the Tigers some credit for that. But, for some reason, I just don't like Memphis.
  • I spent several hours in the office. We did prepare 8 pilot user machines but the "process is not complete". I found out that this process bothers me so much that I talk about it in my sleep...that is kinda scary to me.
  • It's matter how insanely crazy things get, there's always someone out there trying to stir the pot even more. That's my musing for today...
  • I was reminded over the weekend how much I really like the Dave Matthews Band. I really hadn't listened to them too much recently...but I feel a resurgence. The music is just completely amazing...enjoy:

  • I would recommend heading over to YouTube and watching some more of the stuff. It's pretty remarkable.
  • If anyone knows anyone trying to dump some Pitt tickets, let me know. I've got the word out at the office but they're increasingly difficult to come by. I guess I should have addressed this a few weeks ago...
  • I am glad that I do not have a giant, freak head.

I think that's about it. I saw a great left cross the other night but, other than that, the weekend was what it was...and it definitely was interesting. I guess it's back to work unfortunate as that might be. If we don't have a process figured out by Friday, I might explode...I'll keep you posted.

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