Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ways to Invest Money

In these trying times it becomes increasingly important to determine the best way to invest your money. Some are just riding out the stock market, some are buying commodities, some are putting it in their mattress and some or just crying and wondering where it went. A little boy in the UK may have found the best way to invest money though: buy toys, candy and games.

Think about it, what a better way to blow that extra $105,000.00 than to spend it on things you can truly enjoy. Sure, candy is perishable and games and such lose value over the long run but they can't lose more value than what we're seeing everything else lose. At least he didn't buy real estate. Smart kid. And, unlike real estate or stocks, he can actually enjoy his investment. Well, until dad comes home...then it's probably game over.

While I fully endorse this young man's investments, I'm sure Jim Cramer does not. He thinks people should put their money in federally insured savings accounts and such...but that's no fun. Candy, yes. Savings accounts, no.

In other economic news, the fed is talking about buying stakes in banks all across the country. That should be pretty interesting. The government is just buying bad loans left and right. I'm just not sure...once this is done, it's done. You can't unring the bell. We're going down a very scary path here.

Oil prices are collapsing, which means these little oil countries are going to feel a real big pinch soon and begin slashing production. OPEC has already called for an emergency meeting. As I said before, OPEC cannot afford to allow oil to fall back down to $60 a barrell. With it at $85 now, it is getting dangerously close. Really, they need it to hang around $100. With countries like Russia fully depending on oil for all revenue, a collapse would be catastrophic.

I'll make football predictions tomorrow. Last week was kinda poor really...went 3-3. (Well, 4-3 if you count the bailout prediction.) I'll do better this week...or worse. That, I guarantee you.

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