Friday, October 03, 2008

The Wannstache Strikes

Missippi State beats Florida. East Carolina over West Virginia. USC falling to Oregon State. All of that is part of college football. The Wannstache defeating #10 South Florida, now that's something of a greater power.

Pittsburgh lost of Bowling Green to start the season. He tried to lose to Iowa. He tried to lose to Syracuse. The alumni at Pittsburgh wanted the 'stache headed to them on a golden platter. This would certainly be the last year for the 'stache and then the guy has to turn around and beat another Top 10 team. This makes his second victory over a Top 10 opponent in the last 6-games. (Need I remind anyone of the 13-9 debacle in Morgantown last year? Do you remember that? Yeah, that was the Wannstache's team.)
With this victory, Pittsburgh improves to 4-1 and it looks like the 'stache's job will be safe if he can simply win 4-5 more games. If he can get the win at Notre Dame, this guy is going to stick around and probably get another freakin' contract extension. Great. That should be fun. Watching the 'stache trotting up and down the sideline.
On an even worse note, Pittsburgh looked decent at times again South Florida. If it wasn't for a special teams mistake, they probably walk away with that game pretty securely. Of course the dumb penalties that South Florida committed helped Pittsburgh immensely. But, looking down the road, if Pittsburgh's passing game continues to develop, we may have problems. And South Florida's QB is looking pretty stout himself. Just saying...
As you can probably tell, I chose to watch the USF/Pitt game last night over watching the Vice Presidential debate. Actually, I chose to watch old episodes of House over most of the USF/Pitt game and over the entire Vice Presidential debate. And after watching the news this morning regarding the debate, I am pleased with my choice.
Lastly, the bailout bill will probably pass today. Someone had better be watching this economy very, very closely because something has got to give. We're either going to watch the destruction of the dollar and high inflation or, maybe worse, we could see some deflationary forces begin to rumble due to a contraction of money in the market. This bailout is supposed to help stave off deflation but I'm not sure $700 billion is going to get banks to open the piggy bank.
And, really this is last, keep an eye on insurnace companies. Harry Reid's irresponsible comments the other day about a major insurance company on the brink of collapse could actually cause one or two to actually collapse. When investors here a senator say an insurance company could collapse, they quickly cashout...which is what leads to the collapse. Harry Reid should be censured or removed from office for causing even more pain in the private sector. What an idiot.

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