Friday, October 10, 2008

Football Predictions's that time again...time for me to tell you who is going to win the "big games" this weekend. And by doing so, revealing who will lose the "big games" this weekend. So, here goes:

West Fairmont 27 - Buckhannon 13 - West Fairmont = good. Buckhannon = not as good.

Morgantown 117 - North Marion 3 - Late field goal gives North Marion a moral victory. Can't we get someone like EF Junior High on North Marion's schedule? It's a rough go.

University 24 - Brooke 7 - Is University for real? Someone really needs to tell me.

Oklahoma 42 - Texas 27 - Oklahoma is an amazing team. Until it comes to bowl season and then they turn into Notre Dame.

Florida 21 - LSU 17 - Urban Myer needs to let Tebow go back to being Tebow. He can literally will his team to victory when he's given the opportunity. It comes down to coaching really.

West Virginia 35 - Syracuse 24 - Once again, it comes down to coaching. And there may be no worse coach than Greg Robinson up in Syracuse. That program is 10 years from good now. Robinson seems like a nice guy but something up there is just not right. Syracuse shouldn't be the new Temple.

So, there you go. Brief and to the point. I was 3-3 last week...this week I'll predict I'm 5-1. How about that for a prediction?

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