Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mountaineer Madness

Headed up Morgantown way on Friday night to get a look at Bobby Huggins' team and check out the new scoreboard and court at the Coliseum. And, I must say, it was very nice. Obviously any upgrade to the scoreboard was welcome. The old one looked a little outdated. The new one shows video in fairly good quality and is definitely a welcome change.

The court looks much, much better than the old one. Gone is the blue inside the 3-point arch and instead just the lane is gold and everything else is wood, which it should be. The court looks clean and isn't nearly as busy as the old one. Again, a very much welcome change. The lighting has improved immensely so the games shouldn't look like they're being played in the dark on TV and the sound system actually makes it possible to hear the announcer.

As for the "madness", it was entertaining I suppose. The "laser light show" was somewhat decent. The crowd enjoyed it anyway. The dunk contest showed the athleticism of Devin Ebanks, Huggins' major recruit. The scrimmages were pretty poor, but what would you expect? It should be an interesting season. And considering the way the football team is playing, basketball can't get here soon enough.

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