Monday, October 20, 2008

BCS Standings

The BCS standings are finally here...I didn't know if I could wait any longer. Actually, that's a lie...I really didn't care. But as I was looking down through the Top 10, I was trying to figure out who I would like to see in the national championship game this year since WVU and Mizzou have both been eliminated. So, here's the Top 10 and whether I want to see them play in the big game and why (or why not):

Texas - Eh, not really. Texas won a national championship a few years ago and, well, I just don't care for them that much. Colt McCoy is definitely a great quarterback but something tells me they'll falter down the line.

Alabama - Why not? What a great story if Nick Saban can turn around a team that fast. Plus, it's good to see a program like Alabama rise from the ashes. Of course, it's Alabama and they're fans...well, they're pretty obnoxious. Kinda like West Virginia fans...only with something to back it up. Killer schedule remaining...doubt they can navigate it.

Penn State - JoPa is coaching in his 114th season at Penn State. Who wouldn't like to see him go out on top. Big 10 is down...if they can beat Ohio State, they're in. I like it.

Oklahoma - No, no, no. How do they remain No. 4 despite losing to Texas? Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and and the Big 12 championship game remain in their way...but, knowing Oklahoma, they'll win out and get there...then get crushed.

USC - Bleh, talk about boring. USC should be the best team in the country but they get embarrassed by Oregon State. That should disqualify them immediately but they're USC so, obviously, they get a second chance.

Oklahoma State - Talk to me after they play Texas on Saturday. If they win that, I will consider them a contender.

Georgia - Talk about underrated. USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Florida all lose games and they're still talked about in the hunt. Georgia loses to Alabama and theyr'e season is over. Killer schedule left but they should be playing with a chip on their shoulder. Wouldn't mind seeing them get there...

Texas Tech - Lots of offense. Questionable defense. Needed OT to beat Nebraska. The schedule gets tough now with Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma (all in 5 weeks). If they navigate that successfully, I will kneel at the alter of Graham Harrell. (not before)

Ohio State - Please, please, please don't allow them there again. The worst possible matchup? Ohio State - USC. NOOOOO!!!

Florida - Other than Georgia, this team is poised for the SEC championship game. The Mississippi loss appears to be a fluke after the beatdown they laid on LSU. Another underrated team.

So, who would I most like to see in the championship game? Penn State/Florida would be very interesting. Or Penn State / Alabama. I don't want OSU or USC in that game this year...almost any other team would be fine. If Texas Tech wins out and can put that offense on the field against Florida or Georgia, that would be a compelling matchup too. Penn State has the easiest road ahead...everyone else, good luck. By the time it's really over, we might be talking about that Utah / Boise State championship game.

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