Thursday, October 02, 2008

Football Predictions

Yeah, might as well do it again. I was 6-0 last week, including the Alabama over Georgia game. WVU took care of business against Marshall, which was a bit of a surprise...I figured it would be relatively close. But Marshall is just really, really bad. And East Fairmont hung with Bridgeport much closer than I would have guessed. Oh well, I was still right. So, here's some predictions for this weekend...put your money down:

East Fairmont 45 - North Marion 17 - Looking to bounce back from back-to-back losses, East Fairmont should annihilate the poor Huskies. And considering EF is now a "bubble" playoff team, they need to. I'm not sure if 6-4 will get you in the playoffs...5-5 definitely won't.

University 28 - West Fairmont 17 - This may be the most interesting high school football game of the weekend. If I wasn't at the EFHS game, I would definitely make the trip to Morgantown for this one considering West and University both could win the NCAC crown. I haven't seen West yet this year, but I have seen University and they are relatively amazing.

Preston 24 - Morgantown 21 - Oh, this is my big upset. And what an upset it would be. Preston is good this year. Good enough to beat Morgantown? Probably not but if they're ever going to, this is the time. A little miracle and Preston could win. Well, maybe a big miracle.

South Florida 35 - Pitt 17 - Pittsburgh tried to let Syracuse win. Syracuse is just horrible. Pittsburgh is just a little better. This is Dave Wannstedt's last year.

WVU 38 - Rutgers 21 - What happened to Rutgers? Do you think Schiano is regretting staying this year? This isn't the year that Rutgers gets revenge for the 80-7 drubbing. Or is it? Rutgers is still a better team than Marshall and this should be a test on whether Stewart has actually made any progress.

Jaguars 17 - Steelers 14 - The Steelers are just beat up. Rothelisberger is still hurt. Parker is hurt. Moore is out for the season. And it is at Jacksonville. I just don't see them escaping with a victory.

And lastly,

Bailout Bill - YEA - 230 - NAY - 203 - In a comeback victory, the bailout bill will pass the House and our government will give away $700 billion +. Or maybe I should categorize this game a little differently:

"Elected" Officials 1 - American Taxpayers 0 - Maybe not. Get ready for the dollar to drop an amazing amount after this bill is passed and get ready to spend a lot of more on groceries, toilet paper and every other good you need.

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