Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stewart's Wild Adventure

Tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m., Bill Stewart will lead his 1-1 West Virginia Mountaineers onto Folsom Field in front of a hostile 53,000+ Colorado fans. It will be a defining moment in the short career of Bill Stewart. Come back 2-1 and fans will forget the debacle in Greenville. Come back 1-2 and face a backlash not seen since George H.W. Bush rasied taxes after promsing not to raise taxes. (Bad example but I thought I could use the "Read my lips: No new taxes" line.)

Fair or not, the expectations for the Mountaineers are very, very high. Considering the Mountaineers started the season with arguably the best offensive line in the nation and two legitimate Heisman trophy threats in the backfield, it is almost unacceptable to score only 3-points against East Carolina. And most Mountaineer fans agree with that assessment. Losing to Colorado would only further perpetuate the feeling that something is amiss with the coaching staff. The players haven't changed enough to make that big of a difference.

As with the last game, I am not going to make a prediction. Not only should the Mountaineers be able to compete against the Buffaloes but they should be able to beat Colorado handily. I know that for a fact. But my gut has major concerns about the ability of the Mountaineers, and particularly the coaching staff, to perform up to the potential they obviously possess. It should definitely be an interesting game and if Stewart doesn't want to lose this season in a hurry he'll figure out a way to bring home a victory. Week Three shouldn't determine a season but it certainly seems like it could for this Mountaineer squad.

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