Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Football Predictions

Eh, they're just predictions...don't take them personally:

Bridgeport 35 - East Fairmont 17 - What Morgantown did to East Fairmont last Friday was beastly. I'm not sure if it exposed East as weak or Morgantown as amazing. Regardless, Bridgeport is really good and shouldn't have a problem. I hope they do...but they shouldn't.

Preston 37 - North Marion 14 - I keep saying that Preston is good this year. Lost to West Fairmont by only a touchdown. Poor North Marion.

Morgantown 45 - Buck. Up. 17 - Morgantown is the truth. Obviously the coach lit them up following their Week One loss and they've never looked back. The Mohawk Bowl should be amazing this year.

Alabama 24 - Georgia 21 - Nick Saban leads his team to their biggest win yet. Either SEC football is the most exciting football on earth or the most boring. I wouldn't be surprised if this game is really 7 to 3.

Steelers 17 - Ravens 14 - Was last week just a mistake or are there serious chinks in the Steelers armor? This week will tell since the Ravens are probably Pittsburgh's only competition in the AFC North.

West Virginia 24 - Marshall 17 - Good ol' Coach Stewart will do everything in his power to keep this as close as possible. Can West Virginia run for 24 points this year? That's the question. Oh, the aggravation. If Marshall wins, security may want to get Bill Stewart and Joe Manchin to Zimbabwe as quick as possible.

That's all I have. Really. Go away now.

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