Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Football Predictions

First, I should mention that today is September 11th. It was 7 years ago today that a group of suicidal fanatics staged the greatest attack ever on American soil. I point that out since it appears the American media has all but forgotten the attacks that occurred seven years ago. Maybe they're afraid to mention the 9/11 attacks since it could possibly play into the upcoming election considering the relative historic weakness (or perceived weakness) of the Democrat party on matters of national security. I'm not sure the reason but for an event of such historic magnitude in recent history, I would think it would get a little more airplay. But, hey, what do I know?

I do know how to predict some football games. Here goes...

West Fairmont 31 - Morgantown 21 - Say what you want...Morgantown is still struggling and West Fairmont could be the best team in the NCAC. Of course, the same could be said about University.

RCB 16 - North Marion 13 - It just never gets any easier for the Huskies.

Elkins 24 - Preston 19 - Is Elkins really that bad? Maybe. But I'll go for the upset.

East Fairmont 27 - Nicholas County 21 - Pretty much a must-win for East Fairmont. Morgantown is next and if they end September at 1-3, the playoff run could come to a quick stop.

Kansas 38 - South Florida 35 - Only two undefeated Big East teams coming into this weekend. Why not? Kansas isn't as good as last year but, after seeing USF struggle against UCF, I'm not sure South Florida is either.

USC 45 - Ohio State 17 - Sorry...saw that Ohio game. Ohio State just isn't that. Saw that Virginia game and USC is that good. So, when bad meets good, good usually stomps bad.

That's it...mark it down. Place your bets. Just don't call me if you're broke on Monday.

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