Monday, September 01, 2008

Return of the Big Least

I hate to say the Big Least is back...but, geesh, what else can I say? The Big East laid a huge egg in the first week of college football. Pittsburgh, supposedly in contention for the Big East title, lost to Bowling Green from the MAC. The Wannstache once again proves he can't coach...recruiting is not coaching. Pittsburgh is going to be a below average team until they get a real coach. That doesn't mean they can get lucky now and then...but there's no consistency.

Syracuse lost to Northwestern. Not much of a shock there, really. Syracuse is just really, really bad. It's going to take more than a coaching change to get that team back on the right track. Louisville scored a whopping 2-points against Kentucky. TWO POINTS?!? What happened to the Louisville offense? And it's not like Kentucky is a great SEC team...not as bad as they used to be but not a major team.

And then, today, Rutgers proved they have no offense either by losing to Fresno State 24-7 at home. Granted, Fresno State is a decent team but they're not a BCS team. That made the Big East 0-4 against "Divsion I" teams. Thankfully the other Big East teams decided to play "Division II" teams and get a few wins. But if this is an indication of how the season is going to go, it's going to be a long, long year for Big East fans. The conference has worked very hard to shed the weak label but after this week, I'm not sure.

On a positive note, Michigan lost to Utah. East Carolina beat Virginia Tech. And, well, Pittsburgh lost, which is funny. West Virginia played well against Villanova but I'm a bit nervous about this game against ECU this week. East Carolina's quarterback is good and the WVU secondary is suspect. And playing in Greenville will present a real test. I feel pretty good about the offense and Pat White definitely looked sharp. Villanova was a nice warmup game but the real tests obviously still lay ahead.

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