Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football is bad

Obviously, WVU loses on Thursday. East Fairmont loses on Friday. Rutgers loses to NAVY!! on Saturday. East Carolina also loses on Saturday. And the Steelers lose on Sunday. Not a good weekend for football really. I don't like football anymore. The US won the Ryder Cup so golf is the only sport I like from now on. Well, until tomorrow when I decide I want to watch football again.

Marshall comes to town on Saturday. If WVU loses to Marshall, things are going to go very far south in a hurry. There's already mounting pressure against Stewart. And there's a new site you can visit to see some grievances. Obviously, if Stewart turns it around, the site would quickly become moot. But another loss or two and I figure the list of complaints will grow exponentially. That's about it...more nonsensical ramblings tomorrow.

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