Friday, March 07, 2008

Upgrade Update

Well, the pilot users have been working for nearly two weeks. Yes, there have been complaints but, surprisingly, they are actually be productive and work product is leaving the building. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of changes for our image and we were able to get two more programs in the core image which greatly reduced our manual installs at each machine. As of today, I can think of only 2 core applications that are going to require a manual installation and those are both relatively small and quick.

As I have said before, Vista has presented several unique issues to our vendors and it has become obvious they were not prepared. Yes, their products work with Vista but actually getting them to deploy via a central solution...well, that was a different story. Rights issues still abound...Vista really, really doesn't want any user writing to the Program Files directory which greatly hampers a lot of older applications.

On my side, I finally allowed my e-mail account to be moved from Novell to Exchange...and that was a very, very poor decision on my part. As for 3:30 p.m. yesterday, I am no longer receiving any e-mail at all. Despite correctly setting up all the correct aliases in Exchange, my account is still unknown for some reason. I do have all my old e-mails...or at least it appears they are all there. But anyone who e-mails me now receives a kickback that the user is unknown. Everyone is going to think I left...which might not be a bad thing. I'm guessing we will have to completely blow away my account and recreate it...I might as well start archiving my e-mails now. Other than that...well, I guess that's a pretty big deal.

Lastly, I guess I have to say again that Brett Favre was a good quarterback...maybe a great quarterback...but I still think he whined a bit too much towards the end of his career. Yes, it was fun to watch him throwing all those interceptions (and touchdowns). That's not my problem with him. My problem was his last few years when he continually threw the Packers' organization under the bus without accepting any blame for poor play himself. No one in the Packers' front office was out there throwing interceptions at the rate Favre was and yet Favre accepted no blame for his poor play. I will admit that he wasn't necessarily surrounded by the most talented folks in the world. But, hey, if people want to keep the hatemail coming, feel free. I'm not sure which is worse...Brett Favre fans or Michael Vick fans...they're both coming up with about the same crap...

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Patti said...

Oh man sorry all Brett Favre fans can't be as classy as me! *wink*