Monday, March 03, 2008

Super Tuesday - Part Two

Well, this could be it...if Texas and/or Ohio go Obama, the Democratic primaries could be over. And after the past few weeks, it would seem very likely that at least one of those states would switch over to the Obama bandwagon. But, I say "not so fast my friend." I am predicting Hillary will win both Ohio and Texas and this primary battle will continue. And the reason is the American media.

I think I have detected an ever-so-slight change in momentum over the past week. This change has been fueled by the media's new coverage of Hillary and her campaign's desperate attempts to get back in the race. The media definitely wants Hillary to win Ohio and Texas to keep this primary going. This is a major story for them and, let's face it, the news is about ratings and money and having a major story like a competitive Democrat primary is money in the bank for the media.

I believe Obama will eventually be the Democrat nominee but the media is going to do everything in its power to keep this race competitive and milk every last possible story out of it. That's what they do. Things will definitely get interesting from this point forward. But if Obama pulls off an upset and wins Texas or Ohio, expect the chorus of people telling Hillary to leave the race to grow exponentially. I don't think she'll have any other choice at that point...

Anyway, with all that said, I now bring you Bill Withers:

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