Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary Wins, Hillary Wins

Hillary Clinton finally put a stop to the Obama Express by winning Texas, Ohio and the Great State of Rhode Island. A 10-point margin of victory in Ohio probably gives her some hope of winning several more states down the road. But can she actually win the nomination? That's the question everyone is going to be asking this morning. It appears highly unlikely that Hillary can win a majority of the elected delegates. Obama's campaign would have to fall completely on its face for him to lose the rest of the states by a large enough margin for her to lead in elected delegates. That leaves the unrestricted "Super Delegates" to determine the Democrat nominee.

By all accounts, it appears Hillary is calling in all the favors her and Bill have lined up over the years to try to get these Super Delegates to throw their support behind the Clinton Attack Machine. Hillary is also attempting to get the results of Michigan and Florida included in the race even though it was clear at the start of the Democrat primaries that both states would be excluded for failing to follow party rules. Now the Clinton campaign wants to change the rules again...not surprising though.

Clinton hinted this morning on the Early Show that she and Obama could appear on the same ticket. She wouldn't get into who would be Top Dog but I would assume it would have to be her. I can't imagine that Obama would allow this to happen at this point considering he is most likely going to have the most elected delegates and a majority of voters. If the Super Delegates overturn the will of the Democrat voters and make Hillary the nominee, expect a battle in the Democrat party unlike anything ever seen before. I can't wait...

Anyway, with that all said, I bring you Aretha Franklin:

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Patti said...

This is definitely turning out to be a wild one for the Dems. I follow it with interest also.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I saw the slobbering hate-spewed comments "anonymous" left you regarding Brett in the past.