Monday, March 31, 2008

Hillary Can't Surrender

Oh, the humanity. The Democratic Party is breaking apart before our eyes and Hillary is running the sledgehammer. The in-fighting is starting to get a little bitter as the pressure increases for Hillary to give up. Clinton grows more and more defiant as Obama takes a larger lead nationally. And all indications are that it will drag on even longer since Hillary should win Pennsylvania on April 22nd which will give her campaign more reason to fight on.

As this race grows more heated, each side will have a more difficult time embracing the other. Are Clinton supporters really going to be able to vote for Obama if he wins the nomination? And are Obama supporters going to support Clinton if she is successful in counting the votes of Michigan and Florida? I don't think so. These voters will either stay at home on Election Night or they will throw their support behind John McCain.

At this point, Clinton is in too deep to just give up. She's promised her supporters a fight to the convention and that's probably what she will deliver if she wins Pennsylvania. If she steals the nomination somehow there is no chance she can win the presidency. If she fights to the convention, she will pretty much rob any chance of Obama winning the presidency. Oh, the folly of it all...

Lastly today, I bring you Tina Turner and "Proud Mary". I have always wondered how in the world Ike Turner got his name before Tina. As you can see from this video, Tina definitely does all the work...

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