Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Nation on the Brink

Do you ever get the feeling we're one bad day away from major, major troubles? That the economy could plummet like a stone through a lake tomorrow or that the United States could be dragged into a war that will destroy the country in a matter of weeks? Do you feel like the Earth is dying because of Americans and that global warming...or cooling...or whatever could destroy us in a matter of months? Do you fear uncontrolled inflation or maybe a food shortage because corn is being turned into ethanol? If you do, welcome to today's America: A Nation on the Brink.

Personally, I'm not that pessimistic. There have been a few instances, especially in recent history, that I worry about all these things that I have no control over. What if the economy collapses under its own weight? What if a nuclear device goes off in DC or New York? But it's usually a fleeting moment that I won't...and can't...devote too much time. I don't like to think that way. And I won't. The only time I think that way is when I watch the so-called news...and they have made their living recently preaching doom and gloom twenty-four/seven.

Despite what the media might have you believe, America is still a great country and is not as fragile as some might think...or wish. Health care is not in a crisis state. While the military is stretched thin in an admittedly ill-managed fight in Iraq, the country remains secure. Obviously Iran remains a huge threat...and China a growing one...but, for the most part, we continue to handle those situations through diplomatic means and, hopefully, a full-scale war will not ensue. And should it, I believe our troops are prepared to handle the task in a professional manner as we always have.

Let's face it, it's not as bad as many have predicted. For six years now, forecasters have been predicting a complete recession, a housing market collapse, uncontrollable inflation, etc. But it hasn't happened and that's because people smarter than Katie Couric or Matt Laurer handle the economy. And despite the repeated warning that attacks are imminent, there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11. Personally, I think that's pretty good.

What I am getting at is that I am sick of the completely pessimism that dominates today's media and the people who buy in 100% to that outlook. What made America great was the optimism of its people to look beyond today's troubles and forward to tomorrow's solutions. It would be easy to give up and sit back and let world events dictate your life...but I don't think that's the right ticket. I would prefer to stay positive and look forward to tomorrow...and if that means I can't watch the news, even more the better.

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