Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There's Still An Election?

Wow...I was amazed this morning to find out that the Democratic primary continues. Clinton still has conceded defeat and Obama won't agree to be her vice presidential running mate. And it appears there's a big vote coming up in Pennsylvania in a week. If Clinton wins by 20-points, the campaigns continue. If Clinton wins by 5-points, well, I'm guessing the campaign will still continue. Clinton can't concede defeat at this point. And you have the feeling the momentum of the Obama camp has died a bit. But, really, is anyone even paying attention at this point?

Food prices are rising at a dramatic pace. This is true. Population boom and increased standards of living around the world have put a strain on farmers to produce enough food. And the increased use of ethanol (which is not a viable alternative to oil) has really put a pinch on the world's food production. Throw in the record prices for oil and gas and you have a real recipe for some serious disaster. Does anyone really want to be president at this point?

Speaking of gas, John McCain wants a summer "gas tax holiday." Essentially, the federal government would drop tax on gas for the summer months. That would save just about 20-cents per gallon. I guess the question is whether a 20-cent saving per gallon would really help people or if it would just increase the amount of gas consumption and therefore raise the price of gas to cover that 20-cents and then, after the holiday is over, raise the price of gas even more because of the over-consumption. Something to think about...

Lastly, the push to pass the bond in Marion County has picked up steam finally. The BOE is making an all-out push in the local paper to try to get people on-board with this $60 million bond. I'm afraid it could be too late though. Given the current economic climate, it will be very, very difficult to get people to pass such a large bond. I would be very surprised if this vote is even close. I hope it passes...but I just don't see it.

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