Monday, April 21, 2008

Gold/Blue Game

Went up and saw the Gold - Blue Game on Saturday anticipating something at least somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately, I was mighty disappointed in expecting something entertaining because the Gold - Blue Game was anything but.

First, there was not even a mention of the Fiesta Bowl victory. At least in the past they would show a highlight video of the previous year's achievements. But not even a highlight from 2007 or the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. The game started with little fanfare as the Blue and Gold teams took the field and just started. No attempt to explain the rules...not attempt to educate the fans. They just started. Sometimes the offense would start at the 20. Sometimes at midefield. Sometimes at the 3 yard line. No rhyme or reason...that's just how it was.

Before you knew it, the offensive team had some huge, insurmountable lead and it appeared completely unfair to the defense. The final score was 65-15. Does that sound fair? It shouldn't because it wasn't.

And it was rather warm. And the concessions were not prepared for the 18,000+ in attendance. The lines for the concession ran from the stand all the way to the seating. You couldn't even get in line...that's how long the lines were. Did I mention the game wasn't entertaining? The best thing I saw was a lone Event Staffer attempting to single-handedly keep the crowd from going to the non-press box side of the field. She made a valient effort...chasing people, yelling at people, gesturing to people but to no success. Eventually, everyone just ignored her and she completely gave up. But bravo to her on her attempt. She was truly heroic.

I understand that it was just another practice for the team but considering the amount that showed up, you think they would try to do something to entertain the crowd. I mean, come on, even Dwight Yoakam would have been better than what I saw. And, for the record, I have no idea how good the team is going to be because what I saw out there was more confusing than educational. But, hey, the season starts in just a few short months. Let's Go Mountaineers.


Wes said...

Well if you guys would have arrived on time you would have notice the Fiesta Bowl Highlight video before the game.

Mike said...

they should have showed it was boring!