Monday, April 21, 2008

Food Shortages?

Is America going to run out of food? Is Japan already running out of food? There's an increasing alarm in the media that the world faces food shortages due to increased population, decreased production and increase in food for other uses, such as biofuels. Countries in Southeast Asia are quickly stopping rice exports due to shortages. Food prices are quickly rising as a result of shortages. And it appears many are not necessarily addressing the problem.

There aren't many things that will scare people like food shortages. Haiti, Bangladesh and Egypt have already reportedly had food riots. And there's a feeling that the riots may expand if food prices continue to soar. Obviously, the fuel v. food argument is rearing it's head since nearly one-third of all corn production in America is going to go to ethanol. Something to keep an eye on this summer...especially if there's a major drought or other natural phenomenon that could hamper food production.

On another note, I was watching the Today Show this morning and Ann Curry never ceases to amaze me with her interviews of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She is probably the worst interviewer ever. She literally sits there in awe when these people talk. I'm not sure she's paying attention really...she just sits there slack-jawed and throws softball questions. She needs to stick behind the news desk and report the news and not try to perform hard-hitting interview...because she really can't. It is painful to watch every single time.

Lastly, just want to mention that Jimmy Carter has once again proved himself as the worst president ever as he once again shows his anti-American favor by meeting with America's enemies abroad. Despite State Department pleas, Carter decided to visit Hamas leaders to sell-out Israel. Way to go, Jimmy. Way to go.

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