Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh My Vista

From comical to frustrating to infuriating back to comical. Moving to Vista has turned into a mighty fiasco that continues everyday, without end. Products work one minute, not the next. I'm trying to work with an application right now that is supposedly Vista-compliant and yet it will only run as the Domain Administrator. And even though the user who installed it is an administrator with administrative privileges on the local PC, she receives debugging errors on every attempt to run the program. I have installed, reinstalled, uninstalled, installed agian all with the same results. And yet this same program will work on another machine without problem.

That is a mere microcosm of the daily frustrations Vista is giving us. One day everything seems to run pretty smoothly. The next day everything falls apart. An application works seamlessly today...throws errors tomorrow. And there's no rhyme or reason to these problems. They mysteriously appear...and, just as mysteriously, disappear. At least when you have consistent issues, you can troubleshoot. These phantom issues are the worst.

Oh well...only another week of rollouts at the home base and then it's off to Martinsburg or Wheeling for some rollouts there. Five more weeks and we'll have 450 unsatisfied uses on Microsoft's debacle of an operating system. Some will work without problems, some will work around their problems and some will just blow up. My concerns until June is that they have a machine that turns on and logs in to the domain. Once June rolls around though, a whole new set of issues will fall into my lap as we try to figure out what we have done and try to actually make it work correctly. Oh, and that should be fun too...

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