Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Fight Continues

I said at the beginning that I thought Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for President. I have hedged since that but I'm starting to come back around to Clinton. Slowly, but surely, she has clawed her way back into the race. Sure, she's behind in delegates but the media has been turning on Obama and Hillary is starting to rack up some wins. If Clinton can win Indiana, keep North Carolina relatively close and have a blowout win in Kentucky, she could take over the lead in the popular vote. Throw in the "disenfranchised" Florida and Michigan, and Hillary could have quite an argument for the Superdelegates.

I msut admit that I'm starting to actually root for Hillary. She will never, ever get my vote but her tenacity has been nothing short of remarkable. She is Rocky, taking the fight to everyone who will spar with her. Obama is the exact opposite, running from any confrontation in hopes of keeping his "nice guy" label. Well, if Obama doesn't take off the gloves soon and deliver a knockout blow to the Clinton campaign, he may end up laying on the canvas in the most stunning collapse in politics I can remember. The next month should be amazing. Oh, and John McCain has to be loving this...

In case you don't get the Times-West Virginian, the Marion County BOE is making their push to get their school bond passed. Everyday there is another front page article about what this bond is going to give to every segment of the Marion County population. I haven't seen any polling data yet (because I don't really read the paper...) but, just from my gut feeling, I don't see this bond passing. I hope I'm wrong but this is probably too much to ask for considering the state of the current economy. And, given the penchant of Marion County to fail bonds, getting this bond passed is a major uphill battle.

Lastly, why is this Rich Rodriguez stuff still going on? It's amazing to read or listen to Rich whine about West Virginia and the problems he is having. If he would have just paid the $4 million that he agreed to pay if he left WVU before his contract expired, everyone could have moved on. But now he continues to cry and whine about everying, including a booster to whom he may or may not have offered a job. Yes, WVU is taking a hit for this but I have to believe that Rodriguez's reputation is taking a bigger hit. I really, really hope he finishes 0-12 this year at Michigan. Beilein was close to that...

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