Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama's Cabinet

Tax problems, tax problems, tax problems. Tom Daschle owes $128,000 in taxes. Nancy Killefer, who withdrew her nomination for chief performance officer, had tax issues. And now confirmed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner failed to pay $26,000 in taxes. And we want these people to determine policy for the country? They can't even take responsibility for one of the most basic principles in this country: pay your taxes.

What's even more concerning about these people is the fact that the government is trying to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars. More than ever, the government is asking American citizens to give away their hard earned money. And Obama is nominating people for government positions who won't even pay their previously obligated duties. What makes this even funnier is the fact that Daschle wants universal healthcare which would raise tax obligations to unprecendented levels. Of course, since he doesn't pay his taxes anyway, I guess he wouldn't be affected. But you will be...

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