Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Growing Revolt

Slowly, but surely, there's a growing feeling of uneasiness about the massive amount of dollars being spent on the "stimulus" plan and "bailout" plan. Americans are beginning to look at the total amount of money being spent and are starting to worry about how this money will be paid back. Fiscally responsible citizens are beginning to wonder why they are going to be paying the bills to bailout other individuals who were less frugal.

Only time will tell where this bailout and stimulus lead us. I believe it will be down a path of many, many years of hardship. Hopefully I am wrong but there's too much growth in the government as part of this "stimulus," which will ultimately lead to higher taxes and greater unemployment. And when the ecomonmy does turn, the potential for inflation or, worse, stagflation is great. There's a growing chorus of concerns. Obama has two years to turn this around or his revolution of "change" may be a short one.

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