Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Mistake

On November 4, 2008, Americans went to the polls and elected Barack Obama as President. It doesn't take too much insight to see where the country has gone from that point forward. The stock markets continue to collapse, banks may need to be nationalized, governors are fighting over government money and Americans are fighting as to whether they deserve federal money or not.

Sure, these things were beginning towards the end of the Bush years but there remained confidence in the markets to stabilize. Bush presented an optimistic look towards the future, knowing American ingenuity would win the day. But with Obama, we now have a Coward in Chief. Instead of exuding confidence the American public, Obama presents doubt and worry. He revels in purveying fear and spreading doubt. And he is trying to quash any hopes of recovery.

America looks to the President for confidence in the future. Obama only returns fear. And with a purpose. By worrying the American public and further destroying the American, and world, economy, Obama can further his socialist agenda. By convincing the public that only the government can right the ship, he is able to steal more money from the working public. By forcing businesses to declare bankruptcy, he can justify further government expansion and liberal ideals such as universal health care and unlimited social benefits.

The United States was in a financial disaster when Obama took office but his doom and gloom attitude is threatening to turn this into a full fledged catastrophe. All for the advancement of an agenda that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have long dreamed of. It's an unbelievable turn of event. Wonder how many people would have believed where we are now back on November 4, 2008? I guess it doesn't matter now...

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