Thursday, January 29, 2009

The "Stimulus" Package

If Republicans needed a rallying cry, an issue to bring the conservatives back together, this is it. This "stimulus" bill that President Obama is proposing is anything but stimulating. This is a package that contains pork and not the necessary provisions to really turning the economy around. Obama promised at least 40% of any stimulus package would go to real tax cuts. This bill only dedicates 33% to tax relief.

If Obama really cares about fixing the American economy, he would devote much, much more of the package to real tax relief for citizens. Cut capital gains taxes to encourage investment back into the stock market. Cut business taxes from the highest in the industrialized world to something reasonable that would promote business growth. Cut taxes across the board for all Americans to promote growth instead of just trying to give money back to people who don't even pay taxes. And make them real tax cuts, not one time cash injections. Quit punishing successful Americans and instead promote incentives for more Americans to become successful.

The continued punishment of the successful or "rich" is what is dragging down this economy. Why would anyone want to succeed in this environment that punishes success by allowing the government to literally steal your rewards? This stimulus continues the Democrat position of punishing those who attain the "American dream" while creating a permanent American under-class that relies solely on the government for their means to survive.

The other reason this stimulus should be rejected is the time in which it has taken to create. Why should we accept a bill that spends nearly $1 trillion dollars without adequate time to review and digest? Shouldn't the American people have access to where this money is going before our representatives vote yes or no? I would like to see what type of pork is being supported in this bill. It just doesn't make sense at this point to vote this through considering how poorly the last stimulus bill worked. And rushing this bill through just promotes more lost money and more waste. Why can't we wait a few weeks?

Obviously Obama has lost bipartisan support for a weak bill but that doesn't matter. Campaign rhetoric and real action are completely different things. If the Democrats pass this bill, the Republicans better make sure they are reminded of it non-stop in the next campaign cycle. It is destined to fail. And it may bring Republicans back to power. I would rather see a bill that really works for America but that's too much to ask from the controlling party.

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