Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Technical Documents

I hate technical documents. There cannot be anything more boring in this world than to read white papers or best practices papers. They are dry. They are overly wordy. And they are boring. I literally read 2 sentences of Microsoft's "Using Microsoft Technologies to Empower Law Firms" before trying desparately to find something else to do. I would much rather do actual work than read this drivvel.

Anyway, I was rather disappointed in the Texas/Ohio State outcome last evening. I believed Ohio State would finally fling the monkey from their back and win a big football game. I was incorrect. But Texas hardly was the offensive juggernaut that many had claimed. So the question begs: Are Big 12 offenses that good or Big 12 defenses just not that good? Ohio State is hardly an offensive power and Texas Tech losing to Ole Miss proved more to me than the OSU game. It's up to Florida to expose the Big 12 for the conference I believe they are this year. And I believe they will. Tebow is a better field general than Sam Bradford. No doubt.

Lastly, as for the NFL, I still stand by my Baltimore/Philadephia pick. Baltimore may truly be the best team in the AFC. Philly is probably not the best in the NFC but they just need a couple decent games from McNabb to end up in the Super Bowl. If the Ravens can score, they can't be beat. And it looks like they've finally found a way to score. A boring Super Bowl? Yes. But that's probably what it's going to be.

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