Monday, August 04, 2008

Losers in Green Bay

Brett Favre is now unretired. Wow. Once again Favre proved that he cares about only one thing and that is Brett Favre. Again he held the Packer organization hostage and, again, the Packer organization bowed to him. Princess Favre proved himself the prima donna I always knew he was and several others have now seen the light.

So, Favre is going to compete for a start spot with the Packers. Let's see how that plays out. If Favre wins, he continues to hold the Packers organization hostage, like always. He'll complain about McCarthy and the ownership and continue to poison the franchise by undermining the staff and, well, be Favre-like. And then, when he does actually leave, he'll leave them in shambles because they'll have a backup quarterback whose confidence is completely broken by the fact he was beat out by a retired quarterback.

Oh, but if Rodgers wins the starting job...well, it doesn't get much better. How about the first game that Rodgers would start that breaks Favre's consecutive start streak? Imagine the crying that John Madden will do if that occurs. The obligatory shots of Favre sitting on the bench following every Rodger's incomplete pass or interception. And don't forget the Favre apologists will be out there trying to pressue the Pack to start Favre and floating the theory that Favre is only on the bench to punish him for coming out of retirement. How could any quarterback thrive in that environment?

Either way, this thing has been a debacle and it has not been fair to Aaron Rodgers or the Green Bay Packers. If Favre was half the team player he proclaims to be, he would have remained in retirement and not caused all this grief for an organization that gave him everything. But, like I've said countless times, Brett Favre only cares about Brett Favre.

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STEELE said...

AMEN.....go teach summer camps Farve