Monday, August 18, 2008

The Jonas Desk

Well, I just returned from a week out of the office and fully anticipated the worst. I figured I would have to spend my first 3 hours back trying to clean up the mess that was left for me. Would it be cups half full of water? My office full of balloons? Or maybe worse?

To my surprise, I was able to get in my office this morning and the damage was, thankfully, minimal. I now have the Jonas Brothers desk...which was clever and well executed. The inconvenience is just minimal enough that I haven't bothered to remove it yet but the embarassment I feel from everyone who sees it is just enough to make it very annoying. It will take a good half hour or so to remove the packing tape that is holding down the pictures and I haven't found the time or will to start cutting yet. So, on the scale of good office pranks, it ranks pretty high in my opinion. Here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

Pretty funny if you ask me. Of course, I question why someone would be able to so quickly find so many pictures of the Jonas Brothers. Perhaps the assailant is a member of the Jonas Brothers fan club? Yeah, that's probably it. Regardless, it was funny and it really livens up my office...

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