Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank You, Brett Favre

I couldn't script it any better for myself. A few months after Favre "retires," he asks for his unconditional release from the Packers so he can play football again. I said that I didn't believe his retirement back when it was first announced and Favre proves me right. And, in the process, holds the Packer organization hostage again. Oh, Princess Favre, welcome back!!!

Of course, Favre is counting on the Green Bay fans to pressure the organization into...releasing him? Nah, he wants the fans to create an uproar so the Packers will bring him back as the starter. But the Packers organization has finally stood up to the Princess and invited him a backup quarterback. Let me be the first to say "LOL." The likelihood of Brett Favre agreeing to be the backup is about as likely as me being the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh next year. Possible...but not likely.

I can't wait to see how all this story plays out. This has to be the first time anyone in Green Bay has ever told Favre "no." I'm sure in his mind he already has been released and he's looking forward to starting with Tampa Bay or some other team next year. But I believe the Packers may actually stick to their guns on this one and force Favre's hand. Maybe Favre won't be playing next year after all...the funny thing is that it won't have been his choice at this point. Favre and Barry Bonds...forced retirement! (Let the hatemail begin...)

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Monogram Queen said...

Not gonna give you any hatemail!
I have to say I am disappointed in Brett's actions but can't help it that my heart still wants to see him play. Even in the dreaded Vikings Purple. There, I said it. I feel better.