Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rod Drops the Rope...Again

Much like being the coach at WVU, Rich Rodriguez ran when the going got tough in his $4 million dollar dispute with WVU. The university was uncovering more and more evidence that Rodriguez knew he would be required to pay the $4 million and that the University of Michigan was also aware of the buyout. And there was no disputing that Rodriguez knowingly signed the contract that he knew contained the buyout clause.

The argument that Rodriguez and Garrison reached some type of verbal agreement to lower or eliminate the buyout was lame. I'm not saying it isn't true that there was some type of conversation but for Rodriguez to believe a casual conversation with the President-to-be would void an contract is ignorant at best if not a complete fabrication.

The simple fact is that Rodriguez, his wife and his agent were all aware that the buyout was in place and the University of Michigan knew WVU would want to collect the money. UM and Rodriguez were hoping WVU would settle for less money like they did with John Beilein but the university would not back down after being stabbed in the back by Rodriguez.

This morning the Eric & Kevin Show said WVU should stipulate that Rodriguez must personally present the money to the university on one of those big checks like lottery winners get. I really, really like that idea. Seeing Rodriguez personally hand over the money would go a great way to helping Mountaineer fans finally move on from this whole fiasco. And while they might move on, don't expec them to ever forgive or forget. Even is Rodriguez does present a big check.

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