Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Al Gore Should Love Me

As I was leaving my home this morning I turned my thermostat up to like 78-degrees. And it occurred to me that environmentalists everywhere should be singing my praises. My thermostat rarely goes below 74-75 in the summer and rarely above 67-68 in the winter. When I'm not home, I set it to 78 or so in the summer and 65 or so in the winter. I'm making an effort. Of course saving a little money is a good motivator too.

In addition to that, I also save some gas by carpooling a bit to work. It's only one other person but that's one less vehicle on the road. One less car waiting gas. Isn't that the goal for environmentalists? I don't litter. I don't really pollute too much. I'm sure my "carbon footprint" is far less than that of Al Gore.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an "environmentalist" or anything but I'm not against conserving or protecting the environment either. Honestly, who can be against the environment? Who hates trees or clean air? No one, that's who. But the likes of Al Gore try to vilify anyone who doesn't believe in extreme forms of conservation. It is no enough to just turn up the thermostat or save a little gas. You must turn off the air and walk or ride a bike. That is not realistic and is why so many people have a negative view of the green movement.

Honestly, everytime I hear Al Gore on one his rants, I feel like cranking the air down to 55 and letting my car idle in the parking lot. Instead of encouraging minor changes to make differences, the fringe of the green movement call for unncessary, wholesale changes that would greatly effect everyone's everyday lives. And expect us to make these sacrifices without making them themselves. And this pits people who do care about the environment against those who look at environmentalist as their sole concern in life.

It's a shame really because there is so much misinformation being thrown about by the likes of Al Gore. And it's a shame that he must try to guilt people into making changes that turn them completely against his cause. Everyone can make a difference but as long as environmentalist continue to act in the manner they are, most will continue to tune them out.

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