Monday, December 17, 2007

WVU Head Coaching Candidates

It's time to play "Who Wants to Coach West Virginia University!" Will the candidates please line need to push, everyone will be given a chance to be rejected. Let's get started (Hireability Scale: 1-no chance / 10-give him the job).
  1. Terry Bowden. The most thrown about name in the short 24-hours since Coach Rod betrayed the West Virginia faithful has to be Bowden. A West Virginia alumnus, Bowden has said he wants to get back in coaching and WVU is his "dream job". Bowden is a big name but he hasn't coached in 10-years and college football has changed a lot in a decade. Bowden left in the middle of the season at Auburn due to brewing scandals but his record speaks for itself for most. Hireability: 8

  2. Butch Jones. Jones was receivers coach at WVU before heading to Central Michigan, where he has led the Chippewas to their 2nd consecutive Motor City Bowl. Would have a pretty good understanding of the current offense and might actually want to throw the ball around some. Little head coaching experience though and there's some thought that Rodriguez may want him back as an assistant at UM. Hireability: 6

  3. Jimbo Fisher. A West Virginia native, Fisher's name was brought up a lot last year when WVU thought they might need a coach. Has a proven track record at LSU as an offensive juggernaut but struggled this year at Florida State. Might have been able to snag Fisher last year but now that he has been assured to follow Bobby Bowden at FSU, it's doubtful he would come back up north. Hireability: 5

  4. Jerry Moore. Moore already coaches the Mountaineers...of Appalachian State. He has led the 'eers to 3 consecutive I-AA championships and has a spread offense that beat Michigan this year. A proven coach that probably deserves a shot at the big time. But the guy is 68-years old and it's doubtful we want a coach for 5 years before he retires. Hireability: 3

  5. John "Doc" Holliday. Doc's name is another that comes up every time a replacement coach is talked about. Doc Holliday is one of the most prolific recruiters West Virginia has ever seen and has had great success as an assistant head coach and receivers coach at NC State and Florida. However Holliday has no head coaching experience and, from what I have heard, burnt a few bridges when he left WVU. A throwback to the Nehlen era, I'm not sure how Holliday would adjust to the current situation. Hireability: 6

  6. Todd Graham. Former co-defensive coordinator under Rodriguez, Graham is currently at Tulsa where he led the Golden Hurricane's to a 9-4 record and a conference championship. Would be a great asset in strengthening West Virginia's defense. Hireability: 7

There's a lot more names...but I'm not sure what they're doing. Calvin McGee (current assistant head coach/offensive coordinatory - Hireability: 6) may follow Rodriguez to Michigan. Hopefully Jeff Casteel (Hireability: 2) does the same. Other names being thrown around include, but are not limited to: Steve Dunlap (Hireability: 3), Skip Holtz (Hireability: 7); Larry Coker (Hireability: 5); Kirk Ferentz (Hireability: 3); Bud Foster (Hireability: 7); Lee Corso (Hireability: -1); Lou Holtz (Hireability: -2); Nick Saban (Hireability: 4); Bobby Petrino (Hireability: 7); and, Don Nehlen and/or Jeff Hostetler (Hireability: Just Kill Me Now).

In other news: Terrell Pryor is likely going to Michigan. Josh Jenkins is probably going somewhere else. The Rodriguez/Jan. 3rd resignation story is gaining momentum; apparently there is some truth to it and he is trying to weasel out of the buyout. There's still a lot of questions about why he's leaving and apparently the press conference didn't really address those. I'm sure it will all come out eventually...Rodriguez will blame the university and the university will say Rodriguez was selfish. It's a good thing there isn't a game to prepare for or anything like that. What's that? Oh yeah...I forgot...


Anonymous said...

Doc Holiday should get it

Saltman said...

John "Doc" Holliday could handle the Head Coaching Job He has recruitered the best talent in the Counrty for 25 YEARS, as a matter of fact he was in South FLorida recruiting with Nehlen when Rich Rodriguez was in Morgantown kissing the Alumli's behinds Rich's first four years of sucess was thanks to Doc's efforts. Doc is the best choose Terry left the last school he coached in the middle of the season he is worse than Rich