Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Campaigns -- *yawn*

The New York Times today reports G.O.P. Voters Are Uninspired by Candidates. Really? Is that a surprise? Didn't I say that a couple months ago? Why do you think people were actually excited for Fred Thompson to join the race? They wanted someone they thought would bring energy to the party. But, instead of Thompson turning into Ronald Regan, he channeled the personality of the corpse formally known as Art Shell.

Mike Huckabee is surging because there's no better alternative. Republican voters are looking for someone with core values and a down-to-earth personality who can speak to them. Guiliani has major values flaws and Romney often comes across with a superior to thee personality. Huckabee seems like a real person with real values, even if wrong at times. I'm not going to vote Huckabee though...I think he has some serious issues in his past to deal with and I'm not sure he's really someone who can be elected. But he's someone different, which is why he's in the race.

On the other side of the forum, does Hilary Clinton inspire anyone? The NYT survey shows that most people are supporting Hilary out of love for her husband. Hilary has done nothing to show she deserves to be president. She talks about experience but her only real experience is at the feet of Bill. She wants to claim credit for being co-president during Willy's 8-years in office, but only wants credit for the good things and quickly shields herself during bad things. When asked about the pardons Bill made as governor or president, she is quick to point out that she wasn't the president and couldn't make those decisions. But when asked about economic prosperity during those times, she is quick to point out that she helped make decisions. You can't have it both ways. I really hope the American public is smart enough not to elect this banshee...

As for Obama, what has he done? The media wants to build him up as a threat to the inevitable Hilary nomination but, really, he is stagnant in the polls and, should he ever surpass Hilary, the Clinton war machine would gear up and take down the relative newbie. Even the biggest O of all can't save Obama from Hilary's "left wing attack machine". Obama's message doesn't resonate with voters in any way. I pay some attention to what is going on and I have no idea what Barrack is proposing other than his constant reminder that Hilary voted for the war. (Hey, Barrack, with things taking a positive turn in Iraq, that's not going to be a winning message...just wanted to let you know.)

Anyway, should be interesting from this point forward. The first votes will be soon and I would guess by March we should known the nominees. I think it's Rudy v. Hilary...and you want to talk about mud. Whew, boy...everyone in America better stock up on shovels 'cause it's gonna be gettin' deep around here.

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