Friday, December 28, 2007


Has the WVU head coaching search turned embarrassing yet? What about the lawsuit to collect $4 million from the former head coach? Does this embarrass the program or make the program look "serious"? I'm asking because I really don't know.

On one hand, I'm glad the University didn't just turn the head coaching job over to the first person who showed interest (Terry Bowden) or their first interview (Doc Holliday). Either of them could still get the job but I think it's good that others are getting interviewed. Unfortunately the longer the search goes on, the more likely we'll hear other names that will pull their name and some will see that as embarrassing (Jimbo Fisher, Nick Saban).

Personally, I think they should take all the time they need if that means landing a good coach. Of course, in the heat of recruiting time, that comes at a price. The biggest misconception I hear is that the university has to hire someone from the WVU family (Bowden, Trickett, Fisher, Jones, etc.). I think they need to find someone from outside (Locksley, Petersen, Foster) to breathe new life into the program and bring enthusiasm. The coaching seach is no embarrassing.

Is suing Rodriguez embarrassing to the university? It could be. If Rodriguez actually prevails and proves that WVU did not live up to their end of the contract, it could be devastating. WVU committed to having an elite program and if Rodriguez proves otherwise it could alienate the entire Mountaineer fanbase. However, I don't believe WVU will file the lawsuit if they didn't believe they could prove they have provided Rodriguez with everything that was guaranteed in his contract. If WVU wins, the lawsuit is not embarrassing.

There is one thing, however, that is embarrassing to the university and that is the recent comments by Ken Kendrick. His swipes at the Mountaineer Athletic Department undermines the integrity of the entire sports structure at WVU and is more problematic than any of the aforementioned issues. Kendrick's assertions will scare recruits and donors more than any head coach search or lawsuit. If Kendrick can provide evidence of his claims, he could irreparably damage the university for years and years to come. I believe that Kendrick's claims are just sour grapes from a donor who believes his money should yield him more power and I base that on recent comments by Mike Puskar. However, just the shear publicity Kendrick has attracted for his claims are definitely embarrassing to the university.

Anyway, I think WVU should have a coach by the time the National Championship Game is played and, whoever it is, WVU fans should support. I don't think anyone should be embarrassed by WVU trying to collect money that is rightfully owed to them or by taking time to interview potential head coaches. Hopefully they make the right choice and WVU will continue to be successful. I don't see this as the end of Mountaineer sports by any stretch...of course, I didn't think we'd lose to Pitt either. That was embarrassing.

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