Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Petrino Bolts NFL for College

Bobby Petrino left Louisville to coach the Atlanta Falcons. Shortly after taking the job, Michael Vick was suspended indefinitely (and since prosecuted) for his role in a dog fighting ring and backup quarterback Matt Schaub was traded, leaving Petrino a non-existent offense. In addition to those issues, some players on the Falcons roster let it be known they were not exactly fond of Petrino.

Fast forward to Monday -- Michael Vick is sentenced to 23 months of jail and the Falcons play on Monday Night Football. Several Falcons players wear shirts or patches showing their continued support for Michael Vick, against league rules. And, of course, the Falcons lose.

And Tuesday, Petrino bolts for Arkansas. I'm in the minority when I say good for Petrino. I would have gotten out of there as fast as I could too. Obviously, this is a team that is going no where soon and the fact so many on that team still stand behind the convicted Michael Vick prove that this team is never going to be successful with the personnel they have in place. Most of the players have made it known they aren't going to buy into Petrino's system and have shown somewhat open hostility towards him. Their refusal to put Vick in the past shows that this team is stuck in neutral, refusing to move on with a new system and longing for the days when Michael Vick was their mediocre quarterback who occassionaly made spectacular plays.

Petrino probably should have never left Louisville. Maybe he really thought he would be successful in the NFL -- but I think he's better suited for the college game. He's an offensive inovator and I think he will be successful with the Razorbacks. The people who are busy criticizing this decision to leave Atlanta are ignoring the obvious -- he had nothing to stay for.

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Chris said...

I am also criticizing his decision to leave. While I agree that the situation in Atlanta is horrendous at best, but Petrino was barely into a long-term commitment with the Falcons. To leave not just in the beginning of his contract, but during the season just shows that he can't commit. Circumstances changed in Atlanta from the time he took the job, no doubt. But I just think it's a terrible message to send to young people that if things don't go your way, it's okay to just break an agreement and go do something else.

Like in marriage, or in the Iraq war, cut and run isn't an option. Shouldn't be in Petrino's situation either. At least wait until the end of the season.