Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to Work

Now that I'm back to work following my Boston trip and have had ample time to put the Mountaineers loss behind me, I will get back to updating this thing on a somewhat normal basis again for my 3 loyal readers. I'll start off today talking a little about television...

If you didn't realize it, the Hollywood writers are still on strike. Personally, I couldn't care less. But, that's the facts...reruns of Leno and Letterman and whatever other shows need writers. It doesn't really affect me because, as I have confessed before, I mostly watch sports, old sitcoms or stupid reality shows. And, today, I am going to encourage you to watch the dumbest reality shows on television. First, America's Most Smartest Model which is on VH1.

AMSM was really funny in the first episodes, playing on the stereotype of the dumb model. And some of these models were really, really dumb. And with Ben Stein in charge, you know it's going to be entertaining. It's down to the final two now, a Russian and a moronic American -- but I don't see this turning into Rocky IV. The show is at it's best when Stein is making everyone look it's worst when they're, you know, modeling. It's probably worth can probably see every episode in order on a VH1 seems everytime I flip around, I see it or...

I Love New York 2. Between this show and the model show, this one definitely wins. If you missed Flavor of Love or the original I Love New York, well, then you probably don't know New York. Obviously, she's looking for a stable man to settle down with and dominate. And what better place to find love than on a VH1 reality show. 20 or so eligible bachelors leave their normal lives and move into a big house all competing for the love of New York. And loving New York cannot be easy.

Of course, as with all shows like this, sparks fly. The guys fight with each other. There's even a physical confrontation or two. And New York and her mother do everything possible to keep the tensions high...that's good for TV. In the last episode, which may be my favorite, New York invites the 4 remaining contestants' parents to meet her and her mother. And things ignited...

A fight between New York's mother and a contestant named "The Entertainer's" mother broke out over dinner. Some of the highlights include: “You look like you wearin’ a beaver’s ass on your head,” “My husband’s ass looks better that you!” and “I don’t think I’m getting an apology from her or that transvestite!” With dialog like this, who needs the writer's strike to end?

Just like Model, I'm sure you can find a marathon of I Love New York on VH1 this weekend or over the course of the week. This is all they show these days...reality shows and Best of shows. And, hey, they're generally entertaining. I Love New York 2 is down to 3 contestants and will probably finish up next week along with the other show. Catch'll be

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