Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Football Stuff

I've neglected the NFL completely and haven't said much about college football, other than the lack of enthusiasm for WVU's season. So, I figured I would give a year in review kinda thing for football too...
  • Missouri has to be the biggest disappointment in college football this year. I was banking on Chase Daniel having an amazing year and winning the Heisman. Instead, they limped through the season and got destroyed by Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game and cost me $100. Thanks Mizzou.
  • Tim Tebow was absolutely robbed of the Heisman. He gets the most first place votes and is left off 154 ballots? That makes no sense what-so-ever. Voters just didn't want a back-to-back winner.
  • South Florida is the most bizarre team in college football. They choke every single year. Talented, yes. Consistent, ha!
  • The Steelers have an amazing defense. If they could put some of the defensive players on offense, maybe they could score some points. If the offense can't put up some numbers before the 2-minute warning, I don't know how they expect to go deep in the playoffs.
  • Anyone feel bad for the Patriots? I didn't think so.
  • Joe Paterno is going to coach at least another year. Which means Bobby Bowden will have to coach at least another two. That's fine by me, I suppose. My biggest problem is that Jabba the Weis gets to coach another year.
  • Brett Favre has thrown 17 interceptions this year with the Jets. Not surprisingly, that leads the NFL. Thank you, Brett. For those counting, that's 463 career touchdowns vs. 305 career interceptions.
  • Nick Saban did a heckuva job at Alabama this year. Texas Tech threw the ball a bunch. Texas played well but lost to Texas Tech. Quit crying.
  • Steve Slaton is having a great rookie season with the Titans. Rookie of the Year consideration should be forthcoming.
  • Not going to the Car Bowl. WVU has an uphill battle in Charlotte.
  • Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech. Sounds like a great nap.
  • Florida will win the National Championship against Oklahoma.

That about covers it for football.

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