Friday, June 06, 2008

With Garrison Goes The Truth

Mike Garrison will no longer be president of West Virginia University in September. His resignation ends a long fight between Garrison and WVU teachers, students and alumni. And, for the most part, should put an end to the Heather Bresch degree scandal. The problem is that the truth of the entire saga still isn't completely known. And since Garrison is gone and most people will be happy with that result, the digging for information is likely to stop.

However, I would like to see more investigation into the matter. Did the governor's office exert any pressure on Garrison or the university to aware the unearned degree? Was Garrison really aware of what was going on? Did someone in Garrison's office take it upon themselves to push along Bresch's degree? Did Mylan have any influence in the decision to aware the degree?

There's a lot of questions that will most likely never be answered. Garrison resigning may have put an end to the saga and you have to believe a lot of people are happy the digging will stop. Hopefully some people (like in Pittsburgh) will continue to investigate because it's apparent that Mike Garrison is not the only person who should have lost his job over this mess.

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Anonymous said...

Continue the investigation and define what happened so it will not happen again. There is a flaw in the system for something like this to happen or were the entire crew so arrogant they thought they could get away with this unethical behavior.

Having just read the credentials of the 3 finalist for the President of WVU, I am wondering how did Mr. Garrison get this job? On paper, he was the least qualified.