Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Horrible Commercials

Have you seen the new Charmin commercials where the little Charmin bear has a bit of an issue with the toilet tissue? Am I the only person who is slightly disgusted by the commercial showing a bear with little bits of toilet paper stuck to his rear while the parent bear attempts to remove it with whatever is available? I find it an odd marketing campaign and it's disturbed me a bit. I tried to find the YouTube video for it but, for whatever reason, it's not there.

Another series of commercials that aggravate me are the constant commercials for the Bill Engvall show on TBS. For some reason, they decided to interrupt other television shows to show commercials for the Bill Engvall show. So I could be sitting here watching Family Guy on TBS and it would pause the show and show Bill Engvall plugging his show. Even worse, they interrupted Law & Order on TNT to do the same thing. If the commercials were funny, I wouldn't mind as much...but they aren't. And I attempted to watch the stupid show and it is less funny than the commercials. Bill Engvall could quite possibly be antifunny. If you have too much funny in your life, I suggest you watch the Bill Engvall Show to rid yourself of it.

The last commercial that I'm not real fond of at the moment is the commercial for A&W food where a couple off-duty officers or whatever are sitting around and the guy at the table proclaims "At A&W I get whatever I want, even if I didn't order it." He then proceeds to steal a hamburger from his companion while saying "hahaha, rookie." It's not funny. It's dumb. If someone steals your burger, there's something wrong. How does that sell an A&W burger? I'm thinking that if I go by an A&W burger, there's a good chance someone is going to steal it. Is that what A&W wants? Dumb.

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Anonymous said...

The Charmin Commercial was entertaining. What a clever way to address the common problem of dingle-bear-ies!