Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Golf Returns to Boring

Tiger Woods is going to sit out the rest of the 2008 season. So much for big golf ratings. After Tiger's amazing run to the win the US Open over Rocco Mediate, it looked like the PGA was poised for a great summer with lots of people watching to see just how many tournaments Tiger can win this year. But with the announcement he will have surgery, ratings will head back down to where they usually are for golf.

No one can pull an audience like Tiger Woods. Rocco Mediate was the "everyman" of the tournament and the underdog but you still got the impression from the crowd at Torrey Pines that they wanted to see Tiger win. Despite being the most dominant athlete in his sport, Tiger is still beloved by fans, which is unusual. Usually fans grow to despise the winners in sport, but Tiger has bucked that trend. Missing the rest of the 2008 season is a major disappointment.

In other news, Boston won the NBA championship which means I can watch the NBA next year. Do you think Michael Jordan would have ever allowed the Bulls to lose a Finals game by 39 points? I'm sick of the Kobe/MJ comparisons...there is no comparison. There will never be another Michael Jordan. On the court or off.

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