Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stanley Cup

I have actually watched the first 2 games of the NHL Stanley Cup this year. I will readily admit that they are the first 2 hockey games I have watched on television in a long, long time. And the only reason I'm watching is the same reason most are watching: Sidney Crosby and the resurgence of the Pittsburgh Peguins. I'm not sure what the ratings are on the VS channel but I can't imagine they're high because, well, it's hockey.

Pittsburgh is down 2-0 already in the series but hockey "talking heads" don't think the series is over. At least they hope it isn't because they need Crosby and the Penguins to be successful to try to turn hockey into an actual sport that people watch. What they are telling everyone is how much better Detroit is than Pittsburgh. Matter of fact, I will be surprised if Detroit doesn't sweep the Pens.

The Red Wings are faster. They're bigger. They play better. They control the puck. Pittsburgh can't get anything going offensively and most of the game is spent on the wrong side of the ice. Crosby has been neutralized and even some poor officiating can't help the Penguins. The fact is that Detroit is just a far superior team. The NHL needs a young audience which is why they want Pittsburgh to be successful but disregarding the excellence of Detroit is a shame. I definitely wish Pittsburgh would win the series but, judging from what I have seen so far, that is just wishful thinking.

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