Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kniceley Assaults Coach?

The "35th State" Blog and the Dominion Post are both reporting that Fairmont Police are investigating an alleged incident between Times-West Virginian editor Andy Kniceley and a Fairmont State University coach. Kniceley allegedly assaulted the coach because Kniceley's son was not getting enough playing time. According to the 35th State Blog, FSU plans to file charges against Kniceley.

Obviously, the Times-West Virginian has had no reporting of any incident. But what would you expect? The Times remains a small-time rag newspaper that reports only what they want the reader to consume. If you have the right connections and contact the right people, they will sweep a news story under the rug. Just look at the Daily Log...I know for a fact that certain people should have appeared in the Log but, due to the right words, those folks' names failed to appear. It will be interesting to see how the Times moves forward if FSU does indeed file charges.

In other news, the West Virginia Watchdog is doing great work tracking Obama's stimulus money and the jobs "created" in West Virginia districts that don't even exist. It is definitely worth the time to read the full story and find out how numbers are being skewed to justify the pork stimulus bill.