Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's Football Time (Part 2)

Well, we covered WVU who will finish 3rd in the Big East. What about the rest of the college football landscape? Can Florida repeat? Will Matt Barkley succeed at USC? Can Sam Bradford lead Oklahoma to the promised land? Is VTech for real?

Yes, Yes, No and No. Let's start with the Big East. Pittsburgh should win the Big East. Dan Wannstache has consistently out-recruited the other league schools. And yet Pittsburgh is unable to get over the hump and actually win the conference. This year will be no different. It's finally Rutgers turn. I don't like it either but Schiano finally gets rewarded for sticking with the Scarlet Knights by taking them a BCS bowl. No Big East team will make it through conference play undefeated but Rutgers Game 1 victory over Cincinnati is the tie-breaker.

Florida has the inside track for a repeat. The Gators have 8 home games this season. The toughest road game is at LSU on October 10th. The rest of the schedule lines up pretty easily for Florida. Even a loss to LSU may not derail their title hopes if they can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Voters will reward Tebow and the Gators for their past deeds and put them in that BCS Championship game against...

Texas. The showdown is October 17th as Texas hosts Oklahoma. I give the edge to Colt McCoy and the Longhorns simply due to homefield advantage. The winner of this game has an inside track to the BCS Championship game and the winning quarterback gets rewarded with the Heisman Trophy.

And, just some quick guesses:
  • USC wins the Pac 10 with 2 losses.
  • Notre Dame disappoints and finishes 8-4.
  • Virginia Tech disappoints and finishes 9-3 and loses to FSU in the ACC Championship game.
  • Michigan State shocks and wins the Big 10.
  • Utah finishes undefeated...again.
  • And lastly, I was going to predict Michigan to turn it around this year and go 8-4 but Rich Rod's practice scandal and property lawsuit is very distracting. Another bad season for the Wolverines...and don't be surprised if Rich isn't looking for a way out of Ann Arbor soon.

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