Thursday, May 21, 2009

State of the Union

I'm just completely disgusted with the entire state of the current union. If you were upset with some of the hypocrisy of the Bush Administration, you would have to be absolutely pulling your hair out with the Obama Administration. This is a group that contradicts itself on a daily basis, from Guatanomo to bailouts to Iraq to national security. It's an administration adrift and confused.

Or is it? Perhaps confusion is how the Obama administration works best. Saturate people with conflicting stories until they have no idea what is really happening. We're shutting down Gitmo. No, we're keeping Gitmo open. We're restarting military tribuanals. We're trying them in the American judicial system. We're letting detainees go. We're transferring them to American facilities. It's a new story everyday. The Democrats relish in mis-direction and confusion.

The other thing the Dems are feeding on is pure fear. Swine Flu! Unemployment! Debt! Bankruptcy! War! Terror! Vaccines! Coal! Carbon! Global Warming! China! Dollar!

People accused the Bush Administration of playing on fears when it comes to terror. Well, the Bush folks were mere novices when it comes to playing the fear card. When people are fearful and not in control of their surroundings, they want to put their faith that someone will protect them. Obama has promised the government will protect everyone. The more fear, the more people look to the government to protect them. This plays right into their hands in the attempt to grow the government ever larger. And the media is right there to perpetuate those fears onto the American public and to further perpetuate the belief that only the government can protect folks from their fears.

The other thing I find extremely disgusting is the allegedly high poll numbers Obama receives. I have a hard time finding anyone that supports the Obama Administration policies. Even people who voted for him have gone out of their way to denounce the outrageous spending practices. I find it hard to believe that 70% of Americans approve of the direction this administration is taking us. Maybe 70% of those looking for a handout. Maybe that's the only people the press polls anymore.

I find it frustrating and, quite frankly, infuriating to watch the direction we are heading. That is the primary reason I have limited my writing. I find it hard to watch the news on a regular basis because of the constantly conflicting stories and the obvious Obama-worship that most newscasters display. I can only hope that we can rectify the issues that are being created. I'm not confident in that however.

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