Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties

"It's despicable that right-wing Republicans would attempt to cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful polical stunt."

Those are the words of Rep. Jan Schawowsky (D-Ill.) regarding yesterday's nationwide "Tea Parties." These tea parties are in protest to the unreasonable amount of debt being run up by the newly elected president and the obvious future tax increases that must occur to pay for these new programs.

What is amazing to me is Schawowsky's protest of Americans using their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Where is Ms. Schawowsky when Americans assemble to protest our military or Americans assemble to give rights to illegal aliens in this country? Oh, that's right...those are noble causes to Rep. Schawowsky. Real working Americans standing up for their rights isn't noble. Only the jobless should be out protesting anything, right? I'm sure that's what Rep. Schawowsky believes.

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Bryan said...

I have been waiting for you to say something about this :)

Protesting is one thing, and they can do whatever they want but the premise of the original tea party was about Taxation without Representation. Guess what, everyone has representation now, if they don't like who it is they should have campaigned harder.

You want to hold something about taxation that is fine with me, I am all for voicing opinion but at least come up with an original idea.